HH Guide Cover


In January 2018, BRF will publish a set of Resources for Churches and their constituent disciples that will help churches explore the Holy Habits and renew their living of them as part of their culture of discipleship. Information about the Resources can now be seen on the BRF website.

These resources are a development of those produced by the Birmingham Methodist Circuit, and they have been developed for all denominations and forms of Church.
The Holy Habits Resources will comprise eleven booklets; a guide and one for each of the ten habits. They will contain a rich mix of materials from a multiplicity of authors ranging from Professors of Theology to Primary School Children. They have been written for all ages to engage with.

If you think you would like to us the Holy Habits Resources there are things you can be doing before January 2018 to prepare.

1. Think through your motivation for choosing Holy Habits and how you can get the most out of it. We think the most important thing about the Holy Habits Resources is that they challenge, or help to form (in the case of a fresh expression of church) the culture of a church by helping members think through the habits they cultivate in their lives personally and collectively.
2. Getting your stakeholders on-board is crucial if you want to use the Resources effectively (ministers, lay preachers, stewards, church stewards, children and family workers etc).
3. The Holy Habits book by Andrew Roberts is the perfect complement to the Resources. It offers more in the way of the theology and biblical material behind the habits and the stories of people whose lives have been changed by living them. Get ahead by spending some time with his book.