Holy Habits – The Booklets

The Holy Habits course consists of 10 habits, for each habit there is a booklet available. The booklets are 48 pages long and cost £4.99 each (see below for special offers).

Holy Habits_Worship Holy Habits_Sharing Resources Holy Habits_Serving Holy Habits_Prayer Holy Habits_Making More Disciples Holy Habits_Gladness and Generosity Holy Habits_Biblical Teaching Holy Habits_Breaking Bread Holy Habits_Eating Together  Holy Habits_Fellowship


Each booklet contains ideas for many aspects of church life from worship, to Bible study to suggested prayers and hymns.

There is also an Introductory guide available to help you to understand Holy Habits and  to get started.

HH Guide Cover

You can currently order the entire pack and get the introductory guide for free – Order here.

You can also order multiple copies of individual booklets and get the following discounts:

  • 15 or more copies – save 10%
  • 30 or more copies – save 15%
  • 50 or more copies – save 20%
  • 100 or more copies – save 25%

Find all of these products on brfonline.org.uk/holy-habits.