Holy Habits – Getting Started

If Holy Habits has captured your imagination but you aren’t sure of how to begin, it may be helpful to ask yourself the following questions…

Why do you want to explore Holy Habits?

Think through your motivation for choosing Holy Habits and how you can get the most out of it. We think the most important thing about the Holy Habits resources is that they challenge, or help to form (in the case of a fresh expression of church), the culture of a church by helping members think through the habits they cultivate in their lives personally and collectively.

How long will it take?

To embrace or renew Holy Habits as a way of life, churches are encouraged to explore the habits together in ways that are creative and contextually appropriate. Early adopters of Holy Habits have found an initial two-year journey to be helpful, exploring a new habit every two months. You might decide you want to go slower, or perhaps just explore the habits that are appropriate for your context.

Who will it involve?

Getting your stakeholders on board is crucial if you want to use the resources effectively (ministers, lay preachers, stewards, church stewards, children and family workers, etc.) We recommend having a small team to oversee it and to organise its launch and review. It is helpful if the team represents a cross-section of the church family. This is a good opportunity to release people (including ordained people) to pursue and share their particular passions.

What will it cost?

You may wish to allocate a budget within your church for exploring Holy Habits – that’s up to you! We’ve done our best to make the resources as affordable as possible. There is a pack discount available for all 11 books and there are also multibuy offers available for single titles.

You can also use this video from Andrew Roberts to explain the course to others in your Church.


HH Guide Cover

There are more tips and ideas for getting started in the Holy Habits – Introductory Guide which is for sale through The Bible Reading Fellowship. Click here to find out more.

To view and purchase the Holy Habits resources click here.