Holy Habits – The Resource

What is Holy Habits?

Holy Habits is a way of life for those exploring or already actively living out the call of Jesus to ‘follow me’. It is a way of life for all ages and cultures; a way of life based on Luke’s portrait of the community of followers of Jesus that we see in Acts 2:42-47; a way of life that nurtures whole-life, missional discipleship; a way of life that, when lived faithfully day by day and fruitfully both personally and collectively, encourages others to join the adventure of following Jesus.

How does it work?

To embrace or renew Holy Habits as a way of life, churches are encouraged to explore the habits together in ways that are creative and contextually appropriate. Early adopters of Holy Habits have found an initial two-year journey to be helpful, exploring a new habit every two months. The habits are explored in gathered worship, small groups, missional activity and indeed every aspect of gathered and dispersed discipleship. It is recommended that small habit teams are formed to help people explore the habits. The BRF resources have lots of ideas, materials and guidelines to help people both explore and live out the habits. The Introductory Guide gives lots of guidance on how to shape a Holy Habits journey.

More short videos are available here

Here we have a number of places you and your church can learn more about Holy Habits: