The call to Christian discipleship is a call to adventure. Holy Habits explores this adventure through a rich mix of biblical material and inspiring stories. The life-giving, transforming role of ten habits seen in Acts 2 are re-imagined for personal and community life today. The ten habits are: biblical teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, prayer, giving, service, eating together, gladness and generosity, worship and the making of more disciples.

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Andrew Roberts is a Methodist minister presently serving as a Discipleship specialist in the Discipleship and Ministries Learning Network. Previously he was Fresh Expressions Director of Training. He co-authored the critically acclaimed fresh!, an introduction to fresh expressions and pioneer ministry.



Just a few of the many reasons to read Holy Habits

Grounded in practice and real life stories and surrounded by theory, erudition and wide reading, this is one of the best books I’ve read on discipleship. The examples come from all round the world, from different sources, from fresh expressions and traditional Christians, from elderly people and young ones, women as well as men. I love the way the habits are every day, ordinary, do-able ones: this feels very godly.

Lucy Moore

Messy Church

Just the job! An accessible and authentic account of Christian discipleship, full of encouragement and insight, which, when linked with the material on Holy Habits becomes a resource for Christian fruitfulness for each and every small group and local congregation I can think of.

Martyn Akins

Team Leader & Superintendent Minister of Methodist Central Hall, Westminster

In ‘Holy Habits’ Andrew Roberts has created an excellent manual for discipleship in the way of Jesus. Drawing on the practices of the early Church, insights from current practitioners, a host of great stories and his own wide experience Andrew has distilled the life of discipleship into 10 ‘Holy Habits’. He is never prescriptive, rather inviting the reader to work with the principle of each holy habit in their own context and tradition.

Ian Adams

Director of StillPoint and Partner in Beloved Life


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“Discipleship is about a divinely inspired and divinely infused wholesome humanity that seeks to live generously and graciously in harmony with God and the whole of creation.”

Holy Habits